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Yes Math is a hard subject for some, some more then others, but it doesn’t have to be, think of math as a system. Every system has a method, and most of those methods always work, for example computer programs or computers in general… when they have a error, we think they aren’t working right, but it is, computers can’t screw up. When computers have errors its generally a human’s error (in code programmers have to put in “dummy proofing systems” or an error system). If a application doesn’t have an error system then things might go funny. Same thing with Math, every math equation/system has a Method, you just have to remember them and there are lots of them, for example:

y=mx+b, a method to find out the y-intercept and to know what the slope of the line is, the B is the y-intercept, where the line hits the y-axis and the M is the slope, rise/run

with numbers it’d be like this: y=2/3x-3 (the +b can be + or -) this means that the line crosses the y axis(line) at -3 and goes up 2 over 3 (2/3 rise/run, or up over) and with just that bit of knowledge you can find out lots of stuff (there are lots of other things to do with that, I might get into it again not sure)

or maybe your trying to FOIL something (no aluminum foil not baking 😀 )

FOIL or First Outer Inner Last, is used to figure out the answer to something like this

(5x-3)(x+2) Then we do the first 2 numbers then the outer two (5x*2) and so on,

so First is 5x*x which is 5x^2 <–the ^2 means to the second

Outer is 5x*2 or 10x

Inner is -3*x or -3x

and Last is -3*2 or -6 and all together we have

5x^2+10x-3x-6 and then we combine like terms to get

5x^2+7x-6 finish up by checking by factoring

(x )(x ) factor the x’s (leave a bit of room for the numbers)

to get an x^2 we have to two x’s we just need the 5 for the first number,

to make it look like this: (5x)(x) the second numbers are fun to figure out. Taking a look at our answer above to find the second set of numbers by guessing they have to go like this the last of the 3 numbers needs is the product and the middle is the sum of the last 2 numbers and in this case we can do this

so (5x)(x) what multiplies to get -6 and adds to get+7 (the +7 might get confusing but don’t forget there are other numbers to add to it) well -6 is -3*2, -2*3, 3*-2, or 2*-3 now to find out which set that it is, plug in those number to see what we get


5x^2+15x-2x-6 (the middle isn’t a +7 so that don’t work)


5x^2-10x+3x-6 (closer the middle is a -7 but still not right)


5x^2-15x+2x-6 opposite of the first one (getting a pattern though)

Knowing the pattern here might give us a hint on the last one since the second one was almost like this one an had a -7 maybe this one will have a +7 and be right? lets find out.


5x^2+10x-3x-6 (combine like terms)

5x^2+7x-6 yep… that’s the one so the answer to (5x-3)(x+2) is 5x^2+7x-6 😉

That is what ^^ the above foils into 😉

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Example of my Equation Solving helper
Example of my Equation Solving helper