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Hey guys!! Orc finally got around(has time) to make a site (other then the hidden forum, that was already there.)
Not much yet, very little content to add, but will make some links at least. Looking to join? Then talk to Orcnaak, Wylison the Galakrond Realm to join. Help Orc in two ways, keeping site/game play!!! by doing this (I tutor online, and I also have a Program I made that is uploaded to another site, I have a video of it working an that has a link to that site for purchase at youtube which is the following link youtube! :D (I did 6 month of game time, an this site is bout the same as WoW for that amount bout 60-75bucks sites for a year game 6 months PLEASE think of donatin ;) your GM appreciates it ;) )