A guy and his Blog (12 110 characters in round 8 months)

Not bad my first full capped realm before an expansion finished finally,  my first was my hunter took him about 2 weeks after Legion Expansion release to do 100-110 my Warlock got 110 on the 28th of November.  My Shaman got capped 11/12/16, my Pally got 110 2/25/17,  and DK got 110 in March on the 29th.  My last 7, yes 7 came within the last 2 weeks… My rogue was first on April 28th, DH, Mage, Druid, Monk, Warrior, and Priest.  I reallllly love assaults for leveling 🙂  pretty much 1 per assault, if you can get 2 a day that’s 2 levels 🙂  If you have any alts wanting to level, assaults and eventually Bind on Account armor will super level ya 😉

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